The Best Methods to Thawing Frozen Meat

April 18, 2020

Good Morning World-

First of all, I hope whatever your situation looks like right now that you may have a peace that passes all understanding.

We can find comfort in the Lord Jesus Christ that he loves you and cares for you. We live in a world that right now definitely

is in a state of panic and unrest. With that said, I assume many of you are at home fixing many of your meals in your kitchen. With restaurants closed to public dining, this has forced many of us to shift how we eat and who prepares it. So I thought I would address a topic that we get asked about often. We sell all of our meats frozen. Therefore, it's your job to thaw it. Here are some easy and safe steps.

In a Hurry? No Worry! Make room in the kitchen sink and place the meat on a clean plate. Run cool running water over it. For smaller cuts it takes approx 20 minutes and for larger cuts up to an hour. Make sure as always, the area is sanitary. If you need it thawed quicker, then the microwave works as well. Speaking from experience, you can easily overcook the meat LOL! So start slowly. I always recommend using the defrost button. If you are like me though and have a hard time waiting, you can always push the minute button once each time until your meat is thawed, but not overdone.

Now, if you are one of those people that prepare your meals in advance, first of all (please come to my house, I need you!) place your meat still wrapped on a plate that will be larger than the size of the meat. Then place it in the refrigerator and let it thaw over time. I usually use this method for meat I will be cooking the next day. Remember, larger pieces such as briskets and roasts may take longer than a day to thaw using this method. Please remember to practice safe handling skills especially when handling and cooking raw foods. If you would like more information on meat thawing safety click on the link below. Meanwhile, I have to go! Lunch will soon be here and I need to thaw some burgers!

Blessings from my kitchen-

Michelle Canny

Owner-Wholly Cow Market

Michelle Canny
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