Wholly Cow! Meet our youngest team member Hannah!

May 22, 2021

Hannah is the youngest of our three children. You will see her working at farmers markets this summer and selling products at Wholly Cow Market. She is key in teaching her mom how to navigate the Square and iPad.

Hannah does a good job of fulfilling the youngest child role. Observant and at times very sneaky, she has learned to watch her older brother and sister, and then gracefully get away with what they can't. Hannah loves to read and is often found in her room spending hours upon hours with her nose in her favorite series. It's common for her to be reading four different books within a season. Hannah's very dry sense of humor keeps everyone she knows either laughing and on their toes or often wondering if she likes them or is mad at them. What you need to know, is she is never mad and doesn't do drama. Hannah is one of the sweetest people we know, and we are told she is a really good friend to all at school. Why are we writing about her? Because she is the present and future of our farm and Wholly Cow Market.

We value our family and want you to know who your farmers are. She definitely is the youngest one on the farm, but is not the least. She brings so much joy, positive energy, love for the Lord, and hard work to all of us.

Michelle Canny

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