These are our standards. At Wholly Cow Market we hold ourselves to a higher level of managing, producing, and caring for

the land and animals God has allowed us to take care of. Our regenerative and sustainable practices aim to give life

and health back into the soils, so in return we can provide for you the healthiest foods possible.

Grass-Fed (No Grain)

Our beef and lamb graze exclusively on pastures and are never fed grain. Their diets consist of native grasses and multi-species cover crops.  

Our Cattle's Salad Bar - YouTube

No Hormones or Steroids

No animals on our farm are given hormones or steroids.  

Never Fed Drugs or Antibiotics

Our animals are raised in an open range environment that encourages

and supports healthy immune systems. Some of our all natural practices to keep

our beef healthy includes regular pasture moves, nutrient dense diets, superior animal genetics, and supplementing with all-natural salt, organic minerals, and apple cider vinegar. Chicken and lamb are also never fed drugs or antibiotics. (If an animal gets sick and needs antibiotics, the animal is treated accordingly and is no longer included in our meat program).


All animals consume Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) diets.  


Our beef and chicken are never administered toxic chemicals to control flies or parasites.

We use all-natural processes such as frequent pasture movements, feeding garlic powder, and raising animals with genetic competency to resist insects. (If an animal becomes sick beyond the help of these processes the animal will be excluded from the meat program).


Our animals are pasture raised and finished. From the beginning to the time of harvest, they openly graze on native grasses and cover crops under big blue skies and sunny days. With less than 12” of average annual rainfall, animals are constantly rotated for best grazing practices to not only ensure the best health and nutrition for the animals, but for the soil as well.

No-Animal By-Products

No mad cows here! No animals are fed any animal by-products. When you buy from Wholly Cow, you support ethical meat production. Our beef and lamb are vegetarian.

Supplemented with Non-GMO Grains

Our chickens consume a non-GMO grain ration to supplement their diverse foraging diet.


All our meat and eggs are naturally gluten free.  


Due to the natural state of all of our products, our beef, lamb, and chicken are naturally MSG-free.  

Nitrite/Nitrate Free

None of our meat products include nitrites or nitrates.

Raw Foods

All of our meat is processed and frozen immediately for the freshest meat available.


Our beef and lamb is soy-free. Diets that include soy-free ingredients are helpful for people that struggle with soy-allergies. Look no further. At Wholly Cow we provide many soy-free products to make it easy for you.


Our beef, lamb, and chicken cuts are of course dairy free.  


Our lamb and beef are raised without grain.


Looking for a sugar-free diet? No worries. Shop our sugar-free meats and eggs.

Preservative & Dye-Free

Our meat cuts don’t need dyes or preservatives. What you see is what you get. They are processed, frozen, and delivered fresh just the way God intended to your table.

Sustainable Shipping

The cardboard box is recyclable along with the included biodegradable corn-starch based insulation and recyclable or reusable gel packs.