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In a world full of uncertainty, your FOOD should not be uncertain. Know your food. Know your farmer. Eat with confidence.

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What people are saying:

Our family always has steak on Christmas eve. This year we decided to try Wholly Cow Market. It was the best meat we had ever eaten. Very tender and a wonderful flavor!! Michelle and Matt were great to work with and very knowledgeable about the business.
Mary Lou Figgins
An honest business with quality product.
Nicole Falcon Boswell
I am so thankful I have the opportunity to purchase grass-fed beef from a family who works hard to deliver such a great product. I love knowing exactly where my food comes from. I highly recommend this grass-fed beef to anyone who is looking to eat high quality meat.
Rachel Johnston

Ruminating Thoughts

April 18, 2020
Good Morning World- First of all, I hope whatever your situation looks like right now that you may have a peace that passes all understanding. We can find comfort in the Lord Jesus Christ that he loves you and cares for you. We live in a world that right now definitely is in a state of panic and unrest. With that said, I assume many of you are at home fixing many of your meals in your kitchen.

Featured Recipes

May 12, 2020
Makes 6 servings of yummy, cheesy, grass-fed beef steak sandwiches. Sure to please any crowd!

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July 3, 2019
Makes 6 servings of unbelievably delicious grass-fed beef burgers your family and friends will be asking for again and again. The sauce can be spread on top or used as a dipping sauce.

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